5 Unplugged ways to entertain bored children without spending lots of money!


It's been almost a year and our children are still stuck at home due to the Covid- 19 pandemic. And...it’s no secret that they miss being able to interact with their friends. They miss the lunch time games, their after school play and telling extra long stories about their day on the journey home.

Our children may be stuck at home but many parents have returned to work and have pretty much exhausted their arsenal of "fun activities" to keep children entertained. Now, added to their long list of to do, busy parents are now tasked with the responsibility to curate a fresh new list of Covid-19 friendly activities that children will love. But have no fear, our content team at Sikse has managed to come up with a wide array of activities that even working parents can incorporate into their schedule. Here are 5 unplugged ways to entertain children without spending lots of money.

1. Plant a Garden

Getting your children outside is extremely important for both their physical and mental health. You don’t have to go far, your front or backyard is absolutely sufficient for these activities. Try planting a garden and teach the children about growing their own food. This is a perfect opportunity to get the children out of the house and infuse some science lessons into the fun.

2. Play a Traditional Game

Traditional games like moral, farmer in the den, rounders, hopscotch, marbles and skip are fun and interactive games that everyone could enjoy. These are great ways for children to step away from their devices and break a sweat at minimal cost.

3. Have an Outdoor Cook

Have you ever tried cooking a meal outdoors? Like curry duck, pelau or soup? Well have some family fun outside and “make a cook!” Try using the “three stone” method, where three large stones are used to hold the pot and a wood or bamboo fire is built underneath. Remember children should be supervised at all times during this activity.

4. Field Day

Who doesn’t enjoy the field events during sports day? Remember the sack race, egg and spoon race and the three-legged race? These field events are exciting activities that we all love and the entire family could participate in. Try setting up different teams to add a little fun.

5. Outdoor Crafts

Children love to get creative. When they are supplied with paints and dyes things are bound to get messy. Setting up an outdoor craft station will allow them to spend time outside freely without worrying about making a mess on the floor, walls and furniture. Try making volcanoes, painting plant pots or even tie dye t-shirts at the outdoor craft station.